Pawn Shops: The Perfect Christmas Gift

By November 28, 2015 No Comments

Christmas time is always hard on the wallet. Sparse presents under the tree and wishing you had more. Don’t let this year get you down!

Visit us at Cedar Post Pawn to fulfill your Christmas needs. You’ll find a huge selection of gifts and presents for all ages! The best thing is you won’t break the bank when you do it. Plus did you know you could even make a little bit of money as well?

Clean out your jewelry box and bring in diamond jewelry and gold you no longer want. You can sell or get a loan on firearms, gold and diamond jewelry, tools, electronics, pretty much anything of value and use the money to increase your holiday budget. There are plenty of other items around your house you can pawn or sell in addition to jewelry, so take inventory and bring in your unwanted valuables. You can even get a FREE APPRAISAL right from your home! Click HERE for more details!

You’ll be able to do more shopping and you’ll be making room for all the gifts you’re about to receive as well.  Don’t stop with pawning or selling. Take a look at the variety of items a pawn shop has to offer. There is something for everyone on your list, and, at low pawn shop prices, you’ll be able to afford it all. Everything we sell comes with a guarantee, and we also have a FREE 90-day layaway!

If your husband has been wishing for a new gun, you can wow him without breaking the bank when you shop at Cedar Post Pawn. You can also find electronics, musical instruments, antiques and so much more.  For that person that’s impossible to shop for, you can find unique gift ideas you had never imagined, or buy them a Cedar Post Pawn Gift Card!  This Christmas, go big when it comes to gift giving. You can spoil your loved ones and still keep your spending in check when you shop for Christmas deals at a pawn shop.