Why Borrow From A Pawnshop?

Not only is our short-term loan affordable, there is no credit check and you have the cash in less than ten minutes!

Alternatives* Fees
$75 pawn loan @ 20%(30 days) $15.00
Bank Bounced Check Fee $28.00 – $33.00
Credit Card Late Fee $29.00
Utility late fee/reconnect fee $53.00

Pawning Or Selling Your Item

Simply bring your item to our convenient location. You will receive an offer on your item based on our expert appraisal methods. The item will be evaluated for condition and resale potential. With this offer, you can choose to either get a short-term 30-day loan (PAWN), or you can sell your item outright. If you do not retrieve your item during the agreed loan terms, your item becomes store inventory for sale.

For the most value for your item, see our Most Wanted section.

How Is The Value Of My Item Evaluated?

  • Condition, functionality, and quality of item
  • Item cost a local retailer (Home Depot, WalMart, Best Buy, eBay etc.)
  • Demand (Popularity) of item
Free Appraisals

Trade Your Item

We also offer trades for your item. This is based on the same methods of appraisal and value as pawning or selling.


Please be advised that the state of Utah requires a BCI criminal background check on all persons to redeem a pawned firearm. This check costs $7.50 to be paid by the customer. The minimum age to pawn a long gun is 18 and you must be 21 years old to pawn a handgun. The only person who can redeem a pawned firearm is the person who pawned it. NO EXCEPTIONS. See store for further details.