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What is the “NFA”?

NFA stands for National Firearms Act. This department is part of the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms) that handles all NFA items.

What is considered an NFA item?

Machine guns, silencers, destructive devices, all other weapons (AOW: cane guns, pen guns, etc.), short-barreled rifles (SBR), short-barrel shotguns (SBS).

What is an NFA Tax Stamp?

The NFA branch of ATF requires a special tax stamp to register  NFA items.

What is the cost of an NFA Tax Stamp?

The cost for an NFA Tax Stamp is $200 per NFA item

NFA Transfer fee typically ranges from $75-$100, unless you order through SilencerShop and select Cedar Post Pawn as your dealer, then the transfer fee is FREE!

What is the difference between registering as an individual or a trust?

As an individual, you will be the sole owner of your NFA item. The registered item must remain in your possession only, and can NEVER be left with anyone who is not licensed to that specific item.

As a trust, you can register several people to be owners of the NFA item. This is helpful for married couples, families, businesses, etc.


What is the process of obtaining an NFA Tax Stamp?

  1. Purchase your suppressor or SBR from a class 3 dealer (licensed dealer for NFA items) first. When you apply for your tax stamp, you register a specific serial number, so you have to purchase the item first. The EASIEST way to order a suppressor is through SilencerShop. Cedar Post Pawn Hurricane has partnered up with SilencerShop so there is NO TRANSFER FEES!
  2. Complete the APPLICATION FOR TAX PAID TRANSFER AND REGISTRATION OF A FIREARM, also referred to as FORM 4, in DUPLICATE. You will Cedar Post Pawn will complete all this paperwork for you. Contact us for more details.
  3. TWO sets of fingerprint ID cards done by local law enforcement per person.
  4. Two passport photos per person.
  5. For Trusts or other legal entities you will need to fill out NFA Responsible Person Questionnaire per person.
  6. Send in completed paperwork, fingerprint cards, and photos to the NFA branch of ATF. The wait times are currently around six months to be approved. You will receive your original application back with a Tax Stamp attached.

That’s it! I know it sounds like a lot, but Cedar Post Pawn will do ALL of your paperwork for you and even send it in! This makes the process for you a breeze! You will need your passport photos and fingerprint cards, and we will handle the rest!