Home Defense, what should I look for in a good hand gun.

Most experts will tell you that handguns are a good choice if you are looking for a gun for home defense. There are several reasons they work well. The first reason is they allow you to use your other hand to move things. Lets say you need to get a child to a safe room, or you need to call 911. Having a empty hand allows you to do that.

Choosing the size of a gun is another important factor for safety. If something happens during the night and you need a pistol fast it is nice to have a medium size gun or large gun that allows you to have a full grip. A small gun designed full concealment is not necessary the best choice when you need it quick. It allow doesn’t always carry a lot of ammunition, that a bigger gun would have. You also will want something that has a light on the handgun. Typically during the night is when most break-ins happen, so you will want a flashlight mounted on the gun for quick light.

Storing a handgun is always something to consider. If you have young kids you need to make sure you have quick access to the gun, but not allowing others especially kids to have access to it. There are lots of safe that you can use. Small safes in the night stand or under the bed are what some people prefer. Other people like bigger safes that may have multiple guns or other valuable. Whatever the case may be make sure you keep them safe, but accessible if you need them quick.

In conclusion using a gun is not something most people want to have to do. If you do have a scenario where you find yourself in having to use a gun for protection, remember to keep calm and never point a gun at someone you don’t intend to stop.